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Plant Collectors in Malesia (Malay Archipelago)

A very handy source of information about the more historic plant
collections is and was always the Cyclopaedia of Collectors, edited by Mrs.
van Steenis-Kruseman and published in the Flora Malesiana series 1, part 1,
5 and 8.

The data are now digitally available per collector, whereby the data of the
different parts are combined: (mind the double a in nationaal)

The menu offers two search options. The quick search might be a bit slow,
especially after typing the first character, because it searches for
strings, for any collector name comprising that character. This allows for
searches even if only part of a name can be read. The second search option
is via an alphabet.

The treatments per author contain his last name, first name(s), and if
present date and place of birth and death, Flora Malesiana sources, career,
collection trips, places where collections are housed, literature
references, bibliography and a portrait gallery with pictures of the
person, handwriting and signature. The part about the collections comprises
the herbarium abbreviations and a press on the red IH key allows you to
search Index Herbariorum for the address and full name of the institute.

Another handy item is that once a collector is found and the collection
site is not completely readable, then use of Ctrl-F allows for a string search.

The portrait gallery is still under construction for most collectors and I
hereby urgently ask you that if you have pictures of persons then please
send them to me, either as photo or as digital file.

Have fun,


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