re Tulane University collections

Itzchak Gilboa gilboa at PIPELINE.COM
Thu Sep 8 10:20:49 CDT 2005

The bunkers housing Tulane's museum collections are intact and no water
around them. Except for possibility of mildew now that AC is off for lack of
electricity, things should be safe and intact. Harold Dundee spent night of
storm at his bunker where herpetology collection, mammals, birds, inverts
are housed knows first hand what the situation was after storm. Lots of
trees down so will be a while before one can access bunkers by road. Bunkers
are not underground. They are concrete with dirt piled against rear and side
walls and on roof. Big forest faces main building and Dundee's bldg. Wind
did tear a plywood panel that was installed in fron of one of the glass
entry doors. Buildings could withstand a tornado. Bunkers stand about 4 1/2
feet above ground on what is modestly high ground as New Orleans area goes.

Any other queries can be directed to Dundee (Harold Dundee) at
gdundee at and note for Harold.

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