Tulane collections appear to be fine

Meredith Lane mlane at GBIF.ORG
Thu Sep 8 19:46:01 CDT 2005

Message received today from Hank Bart:

Dear Meredith,

I received your messsage about the Tulane MNH collections.  A member of
my staff, Nelson Rios, made it to the bunkers and confirmed that the
buildings are in tact and the collections appear to be fine.  The
facilities have no power and Nelson was unable to see much in the
darkness, but the buildings housing the collections are  high and
dry.  The bunkers are actually 1.3 m /above/ ground and in an area
(along the river) that is naturally high.  Thankfully, they are
constructed of reinforced concrete, and designed to withstand blasts of
 all of the munitions historically stored in them.  They Hurricanes
Betsy and Camile and we were confident they would still be standing
after Katrina.  I am concerned about pests in the mammal collection
(separate bunker) and we will have issues with a walk-in freezer in yet
another one of the bunkers.

I was scheduled to participate in TDWG in St. Petersburg, but will have
to cancel.  Nelson Rios will be there.

My family and I are safe in Baton Rouge.  I will be working out of
Meredith Blackwell's lab at LSU at least through this semester.  As soon
as city officials permit, I will visit the buildings and send you a more
detailed report.  You can reach me at this e-mail (hank.bart at gmail.com)
in the meantime.
Hank Bart
2245 College Dr. #156
Baton Rouge, LA 70808

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