American Pseudoscorpion

Hans Henderickx hans.henderickx at PANDORA.BE
Fri Sep 9 00:07:23 CDT 2005

Dear pseudoscorpionologists, arachnologists,

I posted this question 1st of July but I got no reaction at all, so after
two months I can do nothing but repeat my request.
I'm studying the morphology of fossil Pseudogarypus (Pseudoscorpion)(Baltic
amber). Members of this genus are currently widespread over the USA and
CANADA, but not in Europe.
Besides the illustrations in the literature I'm not familiar with the
morphology and behaviour of the extant members of this genus and I would
like to ask if
somebody could send or lend me a specimen of one of the extant members in
the new world. It might be a preserved specimen on alcohol, or even better
alive in moss (perfect for photography, see

I would be happy to refund mailing expenses ,or I can send almost every
Belgian species.

Thank you very much,

Hans Henderickx
Hemelrijkstraat 4
B-2400 Mol, Belgium
hans.henderickx at

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