19th century date system

Margaret K. Thayer mthayer at FIELDMUSEUM.ORG
Fri Sep 9 17:35:29 CDT 2005

Hearty thanks to Neal Evenhuis and Ronnie Viane, both of whom
clarified the mysterious abbreviations as being Dutch (which I had
suspected but lacked resources to check) and indeed referring to the
fourth trimester and second semester of the respective years.

I figured TAXACOM would be a good place to send this inquiry, but
didn't expect two answers in less than a couple of hours -- what a resource!


At 10:59 AM 9-09-05 -1000, Neal Evenhuis wrote:

>Kannegieter was Dutch, so did not necessarily conform to the German
>way of abbreviating -- so 4 de is "vierde" and 2.de is "tweede". You
>might find out more of his collecting in Sumatra either in his
>published works or some other work detailing his travels. His
>initials are also transcribed as J.Z. Kannegieter.

At 11:37 PM 9-09-05 +0200, Ronnie Viane wrote:
>These annotations are probably derived from Dutch: 4 de trim '95' = vierde (or
>fourth) trimester 1895. And 2.de Sem. = tweede (= second) semester.
>Ronnie Viane
>Ghent University

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