Inquiry re John Grehans studies of phylogeny reconstruction (was Re: Nature September 1 issue)

John Grehan jgrehan at SCIENCEBUFF.ORG
Mon Sep 12 08:45:21 CDT 2005

> But John, have you analyzed the method yet?
I've analyzed the principles that lie behind the method

> >It seems to me that what is being said here is that if one conforms
to a
> >particular belief about the cause of similarities then one cannot be
> >selective about characters. We would have to agree to disagree here.
> >Shared primitive characters, for example, are not of the same status
> >shared derived. Combining the two in a way that would not allow their
> >respective identification would produce illusary groupings.
> Apparently, you have not.
Not what?

> By continuously pronouncing judgments on issues that John Grehan by
> own admission has not analyzed, he shows himself little better (if at
> than

Better be specific before making such sweeping claims also. And one
might not want to call the kettle black with people making similar
contentions abut panbiogeography (not that this worries me at all).

John Grehan

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