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Thu Sep 15 15:14:21 CDT 2005

Dear participants on Taxacom:

I am preparing a checklist for a small flora and am having difficulty
resolving contradictory gender indications for the genus Nuphar, whether it
is a neuter genus or feminine. Historically (Gray's Manual 1950) the genus
was neuter (variegatum) but I see now on an USDA website that all the
epithets are feminine (variegata).

According to Fernald, Nuphar is presumed to be an Arabic (i.e. native) word,
ad so should be not only neuter, but indeclineable. The commonly encountered
epithet 'advena' is always a feminine noun in apposition (like -cola), hence
it's apparent anomaly in lists of epithets with -um endings.

Would anyone care to inform me why and how Nuphar became a feminine noun?

I thank R. Zander for allowing me to post this question on Taxacom.

P. M. Eckel


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