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Mon Sep 19 07:05:30 CDT 2005

looks like the work of gena if you ask me.

> S18M5    5-17PM
>       According to the "Worth Noting" feature in the July-August 2005
>       issue of The Humanist, George W. Bush, Dick Cheney and Donald
>       Rumsfeld have just been accorded a truly unique honor.  They've
>       had bugs named after them!
>       Assigned the task of naming 65 newly-discovered species of
>       slime-mold beetles, entomologists Quentin Wheeler and Kelly B.
>       Miller named three species for the president, vice-president and
>       defense secretary:   Agathidium bushi, Agathidium cheneyi and
>       Agathidium rumsfeldi.
> (provided by J. Dunphy)
>    Entomologists reporting from New Orleans were still debating
> whether to include a number of slime mold bugs and dung beetles
> recently discovered there.
> Bill ("El Cucaracho") Gates was unavailable for comment regarding the
> rumor that names had been suggested for each of the Windows 98's
> 300,000 bugs which were known when the Operating System was released.
>     --Gorpus T. Hogwaller


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