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Alan Fryday fryday at MSU.EDU
Thu Sep 22 13:13:26 CDT 2005

Dear All:
         We are pleased to announce that the label data from over 108,505
lichen specimens at the Michigan State University Herbarium (MSC) are now
in a searchable database that is on-line at:


       The internationally important lichen collection at MSC was assembled
mainly by Dr. Henry Imshaug, who was curator of the Cryptogamic Herbarium
from 1958-1990. The collection includes important collections from North
America, the West Indies and the Canary Islands, but what makes it truly
outstanding are the extensive collections from the southern subpolar
region. Between 1967 and 1973, Dr. Imshaug and his graduate students
collected lichens from southern South America (including Juan Fernandez,
Island de los Estados, Isla Grande de Tierra del Fuego, and the Falkland
Islands): ca.14,000 collections, New Zealand (including Campbell and the
Auckland Islands): ca.7,000 collections, and Iles Kergulen: ca. 1800
collections. In the case of the Falkland Islands, the Auckland Islands,
Campbell Island, and Iles Kerguelen, these are the largest lichen
collections made from these localities.  More details of the collection are
available at:

The project was funded by the <>US National Science
Foundation (NSF) Award No. DBI-0237401. We used
<>SPECIFY to enter data, and the database is
maintained, and hosted on the web, by the <>MSU
Libraries Digital & Multimedia Center.

Alan Prather & Alan Fryday
MSU Herbarium

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Alan Fryday, PhD
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