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This message just posted on PERMIT-L is likely to be of interest to
many (especially, but not only, North American) subscribers to
Taxacom.  This partnership sounds like an excellent idea, and I hope
the two organizations working together may be able to work with our
federal government, in particular, to alleviate some of the serious
regulatory problems (including wildlife import/export regulations and
shipping ethanol-preserved specimens) that increasingly hinder
domestic and international collaboration among natural history
collections and scientists.

Margaret Thayer

>Date:         Thu, 22 Sep 2005 06:51:53 -0400
>From: Ellen Paul <ellen.paul at VERIZON.NET>
>Subject: AIBS and NSC Alliance Sign Strategic Agreement
>Release date:           21 September 2005
>AIBS and NSC Alliance Sign Strategic Agreement
>Partnership will advance public policy interests of biologists and
>collections-based research community
>Washington, DC-The American Institute of Biological Sciences (AIBS) and the
>Natural Science Collections Alliance (NSC Alliance), each a major umbrella
>group for biological science organizations, have signed a strategic
>partnering agreement that will advance the public policy interests of
>biologists, natural science collections, and the research and education
>communities that utilize these facilities. The partnership provides a
>valuable bridge between the scientific research and education communities
>represented by AIBS and the NSC Alliance, as well as the opportunity for
>scientists in the fields of taxonomy, systematics, ecology, and
>evolutionary biology to work with AIBS and the NSC Alliance on public
>policy and advocacy goals in support of their science.
>The partnership will give the NSC Alliance's 100-plus institutional members
>equivalent status in AIBS's membership rolls of scientific societies and
>other organizations, currently numbering approximately 90--thereby allowing
>NSC Alliance members to enjoy the institutional membership benefits of both
>organizations.  Also under the agreement, AIBS director of public policy,
>Dr. Robert Gropp, will serve on a cross-appointment as director of public
>policy for the NSC Alliance.  This arrangement provides the NSC Alliance
>with an experienced science policy professional to represent the
>organizations' interests in Washington, DC, as well as the other resources
>offered by the AIBS Public Policy Office.
>"Natural science collections form a foundation for much of comparative
>biology and provide a critical base for verification of many studies.  Many
>of the fundamental issues faced by AIBS are also of interest to our
>members.  Together we have a much greater chance of solving them," said NSC
>Alliance president Dr. Terry Yates.
>In recent years, AIBS has been actively involved in collections-related
>policy issues.  For instance, the Public Policy Office's Washington Watch
>column in the AIBS journal, BioScience, has helped raise awareness of the
>issues many university-based collections have faced in recent
>years.  Moreover, AIBS is at the forefront of work being done in the area
>of biological research infrastructure planning.
>The NSC Alliance has been active in advocating for the need to support the
>nation's biological collections as a vital national resource and to make
>the information contained in these collections available to the broader
>AIBS community to help solve societal problems.
>"This is an excellent opportunity for the biological science and natural
>science collections-based research communities to leverage resources," said
>AIBS executive director Dr. Richard O'Grady.  At a time when research
>budgets for fundamental biological research are at risk of becoming
>stagnant, or even back-sliding, it is important for scientists to speak
>with a common and coordinated voice.
># # #
>Contact:                Robert Gropp, 202-628-1500 x 250
>About AIBS: The American Institute of Biological Sciences is a nonprofit
>scientific association headquartered in Washington, DC, that serves as an
>umbrella organization for the biological sciences. It was founded in 1947
>as a part of the National Academy of Sciences and has been an independent
>organization since the mid-1950s. AIBS engages in coalition activities with
>its members in research, education, and public policy; publishes the
>peer-reviewed journal, BioScience, and the education website,
>www.ActionBioscience.org; manages the project office for the National
>Ecological Observatory Network, www.neoninc.org; coordinates education and
>outreach activities for the National Evolutionary Synthesis Center,
>www.nescent.org; provides scientific peer review and advisory services to
>government agencies and other clients; convenes scientific meetings; and
>performs administrative services for its member organizations.
>To learn more, please visit www.aibs.org.
>About NSC Alliance: The Natural Science Collections Alliance is a
>Washington, D.C.-based nonprofit association that supports natural science
>collections, their human resources, the institutions that house them, and
>their research activities for the benefit of science and society.  NSC
>Alliance members are part of an international community of museums,
>botanical gardens, herbariums, universities and other institutions that
>house natural science collections and utilize them in research,
>exhibitions, academic and informal science education, and outreach activities.
>To learn more, please visit www.nscalliance.org.
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