Nomenclator Zoologicus Volume 10

David Remsen dremsen at MBL.EDU
Thu Sep 22 15:05:54 CDT 2005

The uBio project, in collaboration with the Zoological Society of
London, have updated the online Nomenclator Zoologicus with an
electronic Volume 10 that covers zoological genera published between
1994-2004.  This supplement adds approximately 20,400 records to the
340,000+ records contained within the original nine volumes.

Nomenclator Zoologicus is a continuous record of the bibliographical
origins of the names of every genus and subgenus in zoology published
since the 10th ed. of Linnaeus' Systema Naturae in 1758 up to 1994 in
nine volumes. (Now 2004 and 10 volumes).  Names are listed
alphabetically, with a bibliographic reference to the original
description of each one and an indication of the animal group to
which it belongs.

We would like to extend thanks to those who have helped to review the
conversion of the original nine volumes.  Over 20,000 records (or
864,000 characters) have been reviewed.  Of these, 264 corrections
have been required of which only 33 represent actual typographical
errors.  The remainder are parsing errors where content intended for
one column was in another.  We have calculated the typographical
accuracy currently as 99.997%.  We continue to seek volunteer reviewers.

We would like to acknowledge the efforts of  Nigel Robinson and the
Thompson Publishing Group for their collaboration with the ZSL.
David Remsen
uBio Project Manager
Marine Biological Laboratory
Woods Hole, MA 02543

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