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Within the series (=infraorder) Staphyliniformia, there are two
genera surpassing 2,000 currently recognized species: Euconnus
(Scydmaenidae) with 2,461 and Stenus (Staphylinidae: Steninae) with
2,108.  The top 25 genera in that series are listed below, each with
over 400 species.  (In fact, these are all Staphylinoidea:  the
largest genus of Hydrophiloidea is Berosus (Hydrophilidae) at 271
spp., with Hister (Histeridae) not too far behind at 247.)  During
2000-2004, an average of about 600 species of Staphylinidae alone
were described per year, plus smaller numbers of the other (smaller)
families.  (All these numbers are from Al Newton's world catalog
database, parts of which are available on our Austral Staphylinidae
web site - see sig. below.)

Family Subfamily Genus # spp.
Scydmaenidae Scydmaeninae Euconnus 2461
Staphylinidae Steninae Stenus 2108
Staphylinidae Aleocharinae Atheta 1817
Staphylinidae Staphylininae Philonthus 1361
Staphylinidae Aleocharinae Zyras 850
Staphylinidae Staphylininae Quedius 829
Leiodidae Leiodinae Agathidium 786
Scydmaenidae Scydmaeninae Scydmaenus 742
Staphylinidae Aleocharinae Gyrophaena 624
Staphylinidae Scaphidiinae Scaphisoma 584
Hydraenidae Hydraeninae Hydraena 574
Staphylinidae Aleocharinae Oxypoda 529
Staphylinidae Oxytelinae Bledius 499
Staphylinidae Aleocharinae Aleochara 486
Staphylinidae Paederinae Paederus 482
Staphylinidae Tachyporinae Sepedophilus 477
Staphylinidae Staphylininae Platydracus 462
Staphylinidae Oxytelinae Carpelimus 459
Staphylinidae Paederinae Astenus 444
Staphylinidae Paederinae Lathrobium 427
Staphylinidae Oxytelinae Anotylus 423
Staphylinidae Paederinae Scopaeus 420
Staphylinidae Aleocharinae Leptusa 418
Hydraenidae Ochthebiinae Ochthebius 404
Staphylinidae Aleocharinae Geostiba 402

This depends on how many "thousands" of Agrilus (Buprestidae) there are ...

>Isn't the beetle genus Agrilus still the largest genus in Kingdom
>Metazoa, with thousands of species?
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>Onthophagus (Scarabaeidae) has something in excess of 2000 species,
>as recently mentioned in Emlen et al. (2005), Evolution 59: 1060-1084.
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>>>Could be interesting to compile list of  genera (of coleoptera) with the =
>>>longest list of species.
>>>Zophosis (Tenebrionidae) 429 species (and 67 synonyms) in 32 subgenera=20
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