Beetle genera with many species - correction

Margaret K. Thayer mthayer at FIELDMUSEUM.ORG
Sat Sep 24 19:53:53 CDT 2005

My apologies for a slip-up in database filtering that resulted in a
number of manuscript species names of Staphylinidae being included in
the totals I posted a short time ago.  Here is a corrected list of
the 20 genera of Staphyliniformia (still all in Staphylinoidea)
having over 400 described and currently valid species:

Family  Subfamily       Genus           # spp.
Scydmaenidae    Scydmaeninae    Euconnus        2456
Staphylinidae   Steninae        Stenus          2083
Staphylinidae   Aleocharinae    Atheta          1592
Staphylinidae   Staphylininae   Philonthus      1229
Staphylinidae   Aleocharinae    Zyras           799
Staphylinidae   Staphylininae   Quedius 796
Leiodidae       Leiodinae       Agathidium      786
Scydmaenidae    Scydmaeninae    Scydmaenus      741
Staphylinidae   Scaphidiinae    Scaphisoma      583
Hydraenidae     Hydraeninae     Hydraena        572
Staphylinidae   Aleocharinae    Gyrophaena      563
Staphylinidae   Aleocharinae    Oxypoda 507
Staphylinidae   Paederinae      Paederus        479
Staphylinidae   Oxytelinae      Bledius         446
Staphylinidae   Aleocharinae    Aleochara       442
Staphylinidae   Paederinae      Astenus 437
Staphylinidae   Paederinae      Scopaeus        415
Staphylinidae   Aleocharinae    Leptusa 411
Staphylinidae   Paederinae      Lathrobium      405
Hydraenidae     Ochthebiinae    Ochthebius      402

>(Cross-posted since this discussion seems to be taking separate
>paths on ENTOMO-L and TAXACOM.)

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