Genera with many species

Rasmussen, Finn N. finnr at BI.KU.DK
Mon Sep 26 09:44:09 CDT 2005

Ken kinman wrote: 

"Isn't the beetle genus Agrilus still the largest genus in Kingdom
Metazoa, with thousands of species?"

It may be, but I think that some genera in the plant kingdom are larger.
Euphorbia, Dendrobium, Bulbophyllum and Pleurothallis all have more than
1000 spp., Euphorbia perhaps more than 2000. But most large genera are
subject to taxonomist-erosion; marginal subgroups are gnawed off and
given separate names all the time (leaving skeletal paraphyletic
left-over groups behind). So the real interesting question may rather
be: which generic name has the largest number of validly published

Finn Rasmussen, Copenhagen

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