Genera with many species

veldkamp Veldkamp at NHN.LEIDENUNIV.NL
Mon Sep 26 10:00:35 CDT 2005

A quick check with IPNI suggests that Rubus is the largest with 8475 hits.
Note that quite a few of these will be double ones, but this goes for other
names as well.


At 09:44 AM 9/26/2005, you wrote:
>Ken kinman wrote:
>"Isn't the beetle genus Agrilus still the largest genus in Kingdom
>Metazoa, with thousands of species?"
>It may be, but I think that some genera in the plant kingdom are larger.
>Euphorbia, Dendrobium, Bulbophyllum and Pleurothallis all have more than
>1000 spp., Euphorbia perhaps more than 2000. But most large genera are
>subject to taxonomist-erosion; marginal subgroups are gnawed off and
>given separate names all the time (leaving skeletal paraphyletic
>left-over groups behind). So the real interesting question may rather
>be: which generic name has the largest number of validly published
>Finn Rasmussen, Copenhagen

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