Should we ditch infageneric ranks?

Mike Dallwitz M.J.Dallwitz at NETSPEED.COM.AU
Tue Sep 27 11:59:09 CDT 2005

> We are keen to poll TAXACOM members as to their opinions on these two
> alternative courses of action - what do you think we should do?

Just for the fun of it, let's include a third option:

     3. Leave it alone.

Thomas Pape wrote:

> With genera being defined through a strange mixture of strictly scientific
> (monophyly) and mainly psychological ('user-friendliness') criteria ...

For 'user-friendliness' we could substitute 'general usefulness'. A
generally useful system of naming is not necessarily unscientific, although
it may give less weight to one particular scientific criterion (monophyly).

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