Should we ditch infageneric ranks?

Nadia Talent nadia.talent at UTORONTO.CA
Mon Sep 26 20:21:31 CDT 2005

On 26 Sep 2005, at 19:08, Kevin Thiele wrote:
> A colleague and I are preparing a paper to merge two Australian
> proteaceous
> genera (Dryandra, 93 spp and Banksia, 80 spp). Morphological and
> molecular
> results provide strong evidence that the latter is paraphyletic
> with respect
> to the former.

On 26 Sep 2005, at 19:59, Mike Dallwitz wrote:

>> We are keen to poll TAXACOM members as to their opinions on these two
>> alternative courses of action - what do you think we should do?
> Just for the fun of it, let's include a third option:
>     3. Leave it alone.

Given the intense public interest in Australia over the recent Acacia/
Racosperma debate at the IBC, it would be interesting to know whether
Dryandra or Banksia has nomenclatural priority. Would the children's
song now feature Big Bad Dryandra Men?

Nadia Talent
Center for Biodiversity and Conservation Biology
Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto, Canada

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