Computer program for plotting distributional data.

Michael Schmitt m.schmitt at UNI-BONN.DE
Tue Sep 27 09:44:33 CDT 2005

Dear colleagues,

since about two years I work with Alan Morton's DMAP which I found
due to quite a similar thread on this list in October, 2003. Then,
Erast Parmasto wrote:

DMAPW - see
For continents and other greater areas - Versamap Vers. 2.07 -
Shareware - see
   I have used both of these (DMAP - some 10 years already) and have
not found any better (for my work...)
   Erast Parmasto, mycologist

                                 Best regards

At 19:27 26.09.2005, Marc Branham <MABranham at IFAS.UFL.EDU> wrote:

>Hello All,
>I am looking for a computer program that will plot points (collecting
>localities) on maps of  various regions of the world by entering lat. and
>long. coordinates. I know of several programs that will work for areas
>within the United States, but I need one that also covers regions outside
>of the U.S.. Ideally, I would like the output to be points plotted on a
>black and white line drawing of map showing political boundaries.
>I know that ArcView can do this, but that it is very expensive and has a
>steep learning curve. Does anyone have any comments or suggestions?
>Best wishes,
>Marc Branham, Ph.D.
>Assistant Professor
>Department of Entomology and Nematology
>University of Florida
>Natural Area Drive
>P.O.Box 110620
>Gainesville, FL  32611-0620
>Voice mail:     (352) 392-1901 ext. 141
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