Computer program for plotting distributional data.

Alec McClay alec.mcclay at SHAW.CA
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Another possible approach if the cost is an issue - Manifold
( is promoted as a full-featured GIS competitive with
ArcView or Mapinfo, selling for $245 rather than thousands of dollars. I'm
sure it would plot the kind of map that you want, and do much more. I have
a copy on order but have no actual experience with it yet.

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>Subject: Computer program for plotting distributional data.
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>Hello All,
>I am looking for a computer program that will plot points (collecting
>localities) on maps of  various regions of the world by entering lat. and
>long. coordinates. I know of several programs that will work for areas
>within the United States, but I need one that also covers regions outside
>of the U.S.. Ideally, I would like the output to be points plotted on a
>black and white line drawing of map showing political boundaries.
>I know that ArcView can do this, but that it is very expensive and has a
>steep learning curve. Does anyone have any comments or suggestions?

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