JPEG2000 Images

Stinger Guala stinger at STINGERSPLACE.COM
Wed Sep 28 14:31:51 CDT 2005

Well 2 things: first, is anyone serving JPEG2000 images of herbarium specimens
through Express Server (Lizardtech) or Contentdm (OCLC)?  I'd like to know
your experience with performance of the no-plugin interface.

Second, I have been playing with the format recently and have put up 1400 or
so of my high res, reasonably well documented, Jpeg2000 images (with smaller
jpegs) of mostly plants from all over the place up at (Many thanks to LSU for a lovely bunch
of web space) This set is saved in the minimal (slightly lossy) format with no
bells and whistles (e.g. region of interest or predefined zooms). The
thumbnail only page is fun if you have a very fast connection. They are mostly
there for use in other programs and testing so I haven't made the direct
interfaces to them very pretty but let me know if anyone wants to use them in
a class or something and we can work out something nicer.


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