global warming and extinction, is there a model?

pierre deleporte pierre.deleporte at UNIV-RENNES1.FR
Thu Sep 29 14:29:12 CDT 2005

A 21:58 28/09/2005 -0700, Curtis Clarke wrote :

>... there's a lot more
>going on in the oceans than warming. And I seem to remember that ocean
>temperatures have changed in the past, at times not associated with mass

What about models of geographical displacement of biotas, rather than (or 
combined with) possible extinctions ?
Seems that when conditions get too warm here, they could become quite fine 
elsewhere... raising the problems of available routes for active or passive 
dispersal (water currents, landscape corridors...), timing of extinction / 
colonization, and local fate of invaders and invaded...

>(commenting on Ken Kinman) :The one thing I can be sure of is that in 50 
>million years you'll still be going on about paraphyly. :-)

Just wondering *how* Ken will link dispersal routes to paraphylophobia
(I bet he *will*, of course    ;-).


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