global warming and extinction, is there a model?

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Thu Sep 29 10:49:42 CDT 2005

I would expect the objections to Curtis's remarks to come from John Grehan, not
Ken.  Could the future warm earth provide a natural laboratory to test the
predictions of panbiogeography?  Oh, wait -- it doesn't make any.  (Please save
your keystrokes in replying to me about Gondwana and plate tectonics.  Even a
blind pig finds an acorn now and again.)


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> A 21:58 28/09/2005 -0700, Curtis Clarke wrote :
> What about models of geographical displacement of biotas, rather than (or
> combined with) possible extinctions ?
> Seems that when conditions get too warm here, they could become quite fine
> elsewhere... raising the problems of available routes for active or passive
> dispersal (water currents, landscape corridors...), timing of extinction /
> colonization, and local fate of invaders and invaded...
> >(commenting on Ken Kinman) :The one thing I can be sure of is that in 50
> >million years you'll still be going on about paraphyly. :-)
> Just wondering *how* Ken will link dispersal routes to paraphylophobia
> (I bet he *will*, of course    ;-).

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