Looking for a strong Internet Taxonomists / Media Asset Librarian

Keith Gurtzweiler keith at LIBRARYASSOCIATES.COM
Fri Sep 30 17:39:55 CDT 2005

Hi all,

I'm new to the listserv and have every intention of being respectful of
Netiquette.  If I am posting anything that should not be posted here, kindly
let me know.  I am in desperate search of Internet Taxonomists/Metadata
Experts/Media Asset Librarians for a contract position in Dulles, VA,
lasting 2-3 months in length.  If anyone knows anyone (who knows anyone.)
who's looking for something like this, please forward my contact information
to her/him.

I am posting the position description below.  Please feel free to ask any
questions - I'll do my best to answer.  Have a great weekend!

Library Associates seeks for immediate consideration a temporary Media Asset
Librarian.  This is a temporary position of two to three months in duration.
The Media Asset Librarian must work on site at our client's office in
Dulles, VA.

Librarian Objectives

The temporary Media Asset Librarian ("Librarian"), working under the
supervision of the regular, full-time Company Media Asset Librarian, should
be an expert on all matters of metadata creation and use, and content
classification using taxonomies and other types of controlled vocabularies
and word lists.  Overall, the Librarian coordinates the organization of
assets, modules and pages for storage and retrieval by carrying out the
following specific objectives:

*       Create "lite" taxonomies for the channels mentioned above.  These
taxonomies do not need to be more than a couple levels deep.
*       Examples of taxonomies: Travel, Autos, Health and Fitness, Personal
Finance, and so forth.
*       The taxonomies will be employed as controlled vocabularies to label
video, images and other assets as metadata
*       The taxonomies will also be used in user facing applications to act
as a browsable structure.
*       Taxonomies must be sized to be appropriate to existing assets will
also taking into account future growth of assets.


The taxonomies would need to be built using two (2) temporary librarians
over a period of approximately two to three (2-3) months.


The position will work on the Content Management program encompassing an
overall media asset management initiative for capturing, structuring,
maintaining and providing mission-critical knowledge, information and data
that enables a data-driven publishing model and asset discovery in search
and navigation applications across the companies products.

The program's primary objective is to develop and maintain a unified Media
Library catalog of published and selected publishable assets. This catalog
will provide thorough, accurate and timely metadata for all media assets; an
effective means of accessing metadata by descriptive, topical, and editorial
elements; an effective means of exporting metadata to downstream products,
and importing new asset metadata and sources for metadata enrichment.

The Librarian is specifically charged with creating taxonomies for
Company-specified channels (e.g. Auto, Health, Travel, Weather, etc.).

* Previous experience working in web-based taxonomies is mandatory;

* Thorough understanding of and experience with controlled vocabularies,
thesauri, metadata.
* Working in an technological industry is a plus;
* MLS is a strong plus;
* Must be able to work on site (no telecommuting).

* Apply online by clicking Inquire or email resume to Keith Gurtzweiler,
<mailto:keith at libraryassociates.com> keith at libraryassociates.com.

* Please indicate compensation expectations in cover letter.
* Equal Opportunity Employer

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