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The fruit in your JPG images is Apeiba tibourbou Aubl.  It was placed in family Tiliaceae, but has recently been moved to family Malvaceae.  In the references, you will probably find it in the Tiliaceae.  It is a fast growing tree with soft wood that is 10-15 m tall, and is used for production of cellulose and construction of jangadas in Brasil, hence the common name, pau-de-jangada.  Its distribution is from southern Mexico to São Paulo.

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> Dear all,
> I had received two years ago some samples of a very interesting and
> curious fruits. Sincerely, I tried some hits but with no success.
> Does anybody have any suggestion about the taxon?
> Possibly it's a exotical plant, the samples were collect from a
> Brazilian farm.
> Thanks in advance.
> Best wishes,
> Vitor.
> http://www.umc.br/~vmiranda/temp/uknow1.jpg
> http://www.umc.br/~vmiranda/temp/uknow2.jpg
> (the unit scale is centimeter)
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