June 2006 Symposium in Honor or George Ball

Fetzner, Jim FetznerJ at CARNEGIEMNH.ORG
Tue Apr 11 15:02:54 CDT 2006

Hi All,
Sorry about any cross posting, but thought some on the list might be
For any who have not yet heard through other sources, there is a
symposium in honor of the 80th birthday of George Ball being held at
Carnegie Museum of Natural History in Pittsburgh June 7-10, 2006.  The
websites below will give further information about programs and venues.
We encourage all carabid workers, beetle workers, and
friends/colleagues/former students of George Ball to attend.
The Berkeley website will give you options for examining the program,
checking out other attendees, a registration form, and Pittsburgh venues
for hotels, directions, etc.  The Carnegie website has a pop-up window
for GeorgeFest with local information, hotels, directions.
Here is the pdg version:

Plain text version added for people have PDF troubles.
Carnegie Museum of Natural History website:
You can contact Bob Davidson (DavidsonR at CarnegieMNH.Org) or John Rawlins
(RawlinsJ at CarnegieMNH.Org) if you have any questions.
James W. Fetzner Jr., Ph.D.
Visiting Assistant Curator
Section of Invertebrate Zoology
Carnegie Museum of Natural History
4400 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15213-4080

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