Are species real?

Fernando Vaz-de-Mello vazdemello at GMAIL.COM
Tue Apr 11 17:09:42 CDT 2006

interbreeding populations do exist
monophyletic groups of populations do exist
close resembling individuals do exist
various levels of interbreeding isolation do exist
assemblages of invividuals associated to a scientific binomium do exist
etc... do exist

we are no more than people that want all of those to have a single rank: species

I cannot imagine any of those that could be appliable to every living thing.

why don't simply call them by their names (and not "species" without
defining it) and then stop discussion on its reality as a single

or are we facing a simple semantic problem droven by a nomenclatural
(I am telling about codes) debility?

thanks for attention, any contrary comments will be much welcome, really...



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