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Mon Apr 17 17:27:06 CDT 2006

Dear All,
               I recently recieved this email from Hassan Ghahari asking me
to work with him on the mantids of Iran, as I have no qualifications in this
area, and as I know no one who does I thought I would post his request here
in case anybody else can help him. Please reply to h_ghahhari at

            G. Ramel for the Earthlife Web

Dear Colleague,

I have collected several "Mantodea" from rice fields
of Iran. As you know more or less, the fauna of
Iranian Mantodea was not studied so far and there is
not an impressive paper, check-list or catalogue on
this taxon! On the other hand, there is not any
specialist and even interested to work on Iranian
Mantodea! If you are agreed, I will send my collected
specimens and also all the available data to you. In
this case we can publish a good paper as "Mantodea of
Iranian rice fields" or even a catalogue on "Iranian
Mantodea" in a credit journal, jointly (you are the
senior author). Thanks a lot for your kindness.

With Best Wishes
Sincerely Yours
Hassan Ghahari

Department of Entomology
College of Agriculture
Islamic Azad University
Science and Research Branch
P.O.Box 14515/775
Fax 44817175
Tehran - Iran

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