Are species real?

Jan Metlevski jmetlevs at KSU.EDU
Mon Apr 17 12:37:38 CDT 2006

On Sat, 15 Apr 2006 16:17:48 -0500, Steve Manning <sdmanning at ASUB.EDU>

>But isn't it the ABSENCE of gene flow (or absence of "gamete flow") between
>a group, of whatever size, and all other groups, of whatever size, that
>maintains the integrity of a group as a species (or, for that matter, of a
>higher order taxon such as a genus)?  Of course, not all such groups
>(populations) are separate species but they can become separate species if
>they eventually lose the capacity to exchange genes between groups.
>What else did you have in mind that are types of relations that maintain
>the integrity of species?

I mean various relations between organisms that belong to the SAME
GENERATION. There are no gene flows when we consider only organisms of the
same generation, however there still are discrete natural entities of organisms.
Relations between members of the same species make this species to be a real
object. Relations between close related species make this group of species to be not
only a number of species that share some characters, but a real object.



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