more phantom names (was: Errors = phantom names on the Internet)

Faunaplan at AOL.COM Faunaplan at AOL.COM
Tue Apr 18 03:28:01 CDT 2006

Dear All,
let me once again, if I may, point to the real problem of  'phantom names' on
the internet and how to avoid them.
This is because a recent search via  <>) revealed many more errors and it seems to me the problem is already
more common on WWW than it ever was in the printed literature. Fast access to
information is fine but fast access to wrong information is an imminent threat
that calls for quick solutions.
In my opinion, the only way to deal with the problem is to set filters and
maintain clean reference directories of available (=Code-compliant) names. At
least the major databases (e.g., those accessed by the above mentioned search
tool) should  take care that unavailable names (incl. all kinds of errors) are
not served to the user without clear annotations, - a requirement which is
obviously not met so far.

As mentioned by Dr. Gaimari and Colin Favret , collection inventories
compiled from ID-labels are frequently the source of errors. Having done some
homework on 70.000+ names of ground beetles, I can offer (at least as a drop on the
hot stone) my assistance to colleagues who are planning to publish (or have
already published) collection inventories of Coleoptera Carabidae: let me check
your list and I will return my view on it.

Thanks for reading,
Wolfgang Lorenz, Tutzing, Germany

On 30.03.06 17:18:18 (MEZ), Colin Favret wrote (in previous thread):
..... >Specimen database managers have neither the expertise nor the
resources to check the nomenclature of millions of specimens in their charge, many of
which are misidentified, mislabeled, cryptically labeled, or have
determination labels with misspellings, misatributions, manuscript names, etc. < ......

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