more phantom names (was: Errors = phantom names on the Internet)

Thomas G. Lammers lammers at UWOSH.EDU
Tue Apr 18 07:42:17 CDT 2006

At 02:28 AM 4/18/2006, Faunaplan at AOL.COM wrote:
>let me once again, if I may, point to the real problem of  'phantom names'
>on the internet and how to avoid them. This is because a recent search
>via  <>) revealed many more
>errors and it seems to me the problem is already more common on WWW than
>it ever was in the printed literature. Fast access to information is fine
>but fast access to wrong information is an imminent threat that calls for
>quick solutions.

One of the oldest maxims in computer science, no doubt going back to the
days of Atanasoff-Berry and Univac, is "GIGO" -- "garbage in, garbage out."

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