Postdoc in Molecular Ecology of Plant/Insect Interactions

George D Weiblen gweiblen at UMN.EDU
Thu Apr 20 16:39:54 CDT 2006

Announcing a postdoctoral position in

Molecular Ecology of Plant/Insect Interactions

Support from the National Science Foundation
and the Packard Foundation is available
for postdoctoral research in the area
of molecular ecology of plant/insect interactions.
Candidates are expected to contribute to
an existing project and to develop a line of
independent research. Interests in our group
are diverse and currently include:

- Comparative phylogenetic studies of
plant/insect food webs and coevolution
- Host specificity of insect herbivores
feeding on tropical trees in New Guinea
- Species delimitation (DNA barcoding)
- Comparative methods in community ecology

Applicants should indicate an interest in
one or more of these topics in a cover letter.
This flexible position enables postdocs
to pursue personal research interests in parallel.
Starting date in Summer/Fall 2006 is negotiable.
Please send a cover letter, vitae, names &
addresses of three references, and examples
of recent  publications. Applications are
accepted until the position is filled.
Electronic submission is preferred.

Dr. George Weiblen
Department of Plant Biology
University of Minnesota
220 Biological Sciences
1445 Gortner Avenue
Saint Paul, MN 55108

Tel: 612-624-3461
Fax: 612-625-1738
Email: gweiblen at

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