uv light trap suggestions

Stuart Fullerton stuartf at PEGASUS.CC.UCF.EDU
Sat Apr 22 18:05:09 CDT 2006

good afternoon fellow bug chasers.

am working on 12 day trip to the crest of the sierras this summer (first
1.5 weeks of july).   will be sending most of the equipment out prior to
our leaving (taking shawn kelly current of the bug closet, coleoptera;
phillip russell - hymn; and friend who is after susquatch), direct from

question of the hour is regarding uv lights from bio quip - the dept has
a charge account and it is the best for us.

on page 56    they have:

   a 12 watt   u shaped   bl tube, ballast etc


   a 22 watt circline  bl tube, ballast, etc.

we will be on highway 108 just north of yosemite national park north
boundary,  working from 6 - 10 thousand feet.

i would like suggestions as to which would be better.  the 12 watt u
shape or the 22 watt circline bulb.

 please send answer direct to me and avoid e-mail clutter for others.

thanks.  cheers!


Stuart M Fullerton ROF, Research Associate in charge of Arthropod

Collections (UCFC), Dept. of Biology, University of Central Florida, PO

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