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Dave Roberts dmr at NHM.AC.UK
Mon Apr 24 16:37:11 CDT 2006

Dear all,

We seek an insect taxonomist to work on EDIT, the European  
Distributed Institute of Taxonomy, a Network of Excellence funded by  
the European Commission with the aim of better integrating the effort  
of taxonomists across Europe. A potential target taxon is Lepidoptera  
and, therefore, a lepidopterist is preferred, however, other insect  
taxa are not excluded at this stage. The successful applicant will be  
a key member of the workpackage entitled ‘Unifying revisionary  
taxonomy’, the aim of which is to encourage expert taxonomic task  
groups to migrate taxonomic data to an internet platform being  
constructed in a related workpackage. The successful candidate will  
help develop an expert network of taxonomists for the target taxon so  
as to facilitate the posting of descriptive taxonomic data on the  
internet. This will take the form of web revisions, a taxonomic  
knowledge base or both.

Details can be found at

and search for "Insect Taxonomist"

Briefly the post is 4.5 years starting this August.

I'd be grateful if you would draw this to the attention of anyone  
that you
think might be interested.

Cheers,  Dave

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