Clerodendron protologs

Yuan Yaowu colreeze at U.WASHINGTON.EDU
Wed Apr 26 12:28:13 CDT 2006

Does anybody have an electronic version of protologs of following Clerodendron species? or
maybe any other Clerodendron protologs could help a lot. Thanks. Yuan

Lecomte, Not. Syst. = Notulae Systematicae (Paris) 1909-1934
C. cochinchinense Dop  iv.9 (1920)
C. finetii Dop   iv.12 (1920)
C. gaudichaudii Dop  iv. 10(1920)
C. hahnianum Dop  iv. 13(1920)
C. harmandianum Dop iv. 13(1920)
C. kampotense Dop iv. 8(1920)
C. lanessanii Dop  iv. 9(1920)
C. lecomtei Dop  iv.11 (1920)
C. longisepalum Dop iv.11(1920)
C. pierreanum Dop  iv. 7(1920)
C. robinsonii Dop   iv. 9(1920)
C. tonkinense Dop  iv.10(1920)

Prod. Fl. Nep. (1825)= Prodromus florae nepalensis author: David Don, british botanist
C. cordatum D. Don 103
C. foetidum D. Don 103
C. leucosceptrum D. Don 103
C. odoratum D.Don 102
C. ternifolium D.Don 103
C. verticillatum D.Don 102

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