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Michael Schmitt m.schmitt at UNI-BONN.DE
Thu Apr 27 15:31:04 CDT 2006

At 12:20 27.04.2006, Robert Mesibov wrote:
>I've seen Aus (Bus) xus Smith, 1900 become both
>1. Bus xus Smith, 1900 and
>2. Bus xus (Smith, 1900)
>in the literature when the subgenus Bus is elevated to genus.
>Does the Code regulate use of parentheses in this case? Section 51.3.2 says
>"The use of parentheses enclosing the name of the author and the date is not
>affected by the presence of a subgeneric name, by transfer to a different
>subgenus within the same genus,..." My interpretation would be that (1) is

My interpretation is that the parentheses indicate any deviation from
the original combination. Thus, the original combination in which the
specific epithet xus was used by Smith in 1900 was Aus xus.
Therefore, I think that (2) is correct.

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