Taxacom Subscribers Please Note: Taxacom Mailing list Changing Software:

Beach, James H beach at KU.EDU
Thu Apr 27 16:55:22 CDT 2006

Dear Taxacom Subscriber,

Due to a large increase in the cost of licensing Listserv mailing list
software, we are moving Taxacom to a different mail management system,
Mailman. Mailman is a popular, open-source mailing list manager and many
of you may be familiar with it.

Here is a URL for the Mailman software: 

We have created the new Taxacom list, with the address:
taxacom at and within a few hours we will activate the
new list with all current subscriber information. Addresses and
subscription options will be transferred to the new list. The existing
Taxacom list, taxacom at will be deactivated by Monday,
May 1, 2006. 

In moving to Mailman, you will receive a welcome message from Mailman
which will contain a URL for a web page at which you can verify or
change your Taxacom subscription settings. 

The welcome message from Mailman for Taxacom will also include a
password for logging into your subscription account through that web
page. You can change that password as you like after you login. If you
had a password in the Listserv version of Taxacom, it will not transfer
to the Mailman Taxacom list. 

The Taxacom archives from the Listserv software are archived permanently
and they will also be installed in the Mailman online archive within a
few weeks for review and searching through the Mailman web interface.

If you have any questions or issues after we make the changeover about
your subscription to Taxacom, please e-mail:

taxacom-owner at

Best wishes,

Jim Beach

James H. Beach
Biodiversity Research Center
University of Kansas
1345 Jayhawk Boulevard
Lawrence, KS 66045, USA
T 785 864-4645, F 785 864-5335

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