[Taxacom] EPDM vial stoppers (or others)

colin favret crf at uiuc.edu
Fri Apr 28 21:42:10 CDT 2006

Dear Taxacomers,
	Does anyone know of a supplier of EPDM stoppers for insect specimen  
vials? West Pharmaceuticals, our previous supplier, stopped making  
them. I know that some formulations of EPDM melt spontaneously, but  
we have had much success with them and would like to continue using  
them. If we can't find a supplier, what other kinds of stoppers have  
you used and what would you recommend? For various reasons, using  
screw-cap vials or a vials-in-jar system are not practical. Thanks  
much for any advice you might have.

Cheerio, colin

Colin Favret, Insect Collection Manager
Illinois Natural History Survey
1816 S Oak Street
Champaign IL 61820, U.S.A.
crf at uiuc.edu

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