[Taxacom] Cladifications are NOT classifications (MonaLisafrowning)

Richard Pyle deepreef at bishopmuseum.org
Tue Aug 1 12:38:39 CDT 2006

I think it's partly semantics, and partly philosophical differences.

Most of us probably have a mutual understanding of what a "phylogeny" is,
and what "nomenclature" is.

The semantic problem revolves around the mapping of the word
"classification" to either/both of these two things.

The philosophical differences revolve more around the direct relationships
between "phylogeny" and "nomenclature" (irrespective of how one defines the
term "classification").


P.S. I'm definitely on board with your proposed solution to the quagmire!

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> I agree.  In fact, after reading the exchanges on this 
> subject, it seems that 'classification' will be a never 
> ending source of controversy.  So why don't we just forget 
> it, and let the 'phylogeny' fall where it may with the 
> available data.  Then we can continue to use without angst 
> the commonly accepted names for groups regardless of what 
> paraphyletic subgroups have arisen from them.  Gosh, I bet 
> someone else already thought of that...
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> Pierre,
>      Seems that we are getting bogged down again in another 
> semantic quagmire... Ken
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