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Vince Smith vsmithuk at yahoo.co.uk
Mon Aug 7 17:33:48 CDT 2006

Dear all,

My colleagues and I at the Natural History Museum, London are  
interested in reviewing the functionality of various web based  
"taxonomic content management systems" that are being used for  
holding and editing integrated information about taxa (e.g. specimen,  
DNA, image, taxon name, etc). Specifically, we are interested in  
those that have some kind of web interface for presenting and  
(preferably) editing these data. We know of some examples of such  
systems (e.g. Orthoptera Species File, http://osf2x.orthoptera.org/;  
Specify, http://www.specifysoftware.org/ etc). Indeed, some are in  
development at the museum. However, we are quite sure that are many  
not on our list. If you are involved in developing or using such a  
system I would appreciate a brief message about it, along with a web  
link to the database. Please reply to me off list, and if there is  
sufficient interest I'll consolidate the results and post them back  
to everybody.

Thanks for your time and apologies for cross postings,

Vince Smith

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