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A further piece of the puzzle regarding the orangutan theory of human
origin. A recent publication presenting a comparison of overall
intelligence placed orangutans at the top followed by chimpanzees
(although, if my quick read is correct the differences are not
statistically different at p less than 0.10). Interestingly, the nature
on line article was titled "Its official: apes outsmart monkeys". You
can bet that if chimpanzees were on top the Nature title would have been
"Its official: chimpanzees outsmart all other non-human primates". One
sees time and again popular science focusing in on the intelligence of
chimpanzees because they are supposed to be our closest living relative,
and yet they do not appear to command any significant lead (if any lead
at all) over orangutans. To the contrary, evidence is pointing to the


Source Deaner R. O., van Schaik C. P.& Johnson V. (2006) Do some taxa
have better domain general cognition than others? A meta-analysis of
nonhuman primate studies. Evol. Psychol., 4. 149 - 1496 (2006).


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