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Jennifer Anne (Jenny) Chappill 1959-2006

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With great sadness, I am sharing with you the news of the death of the
Australian plant systematist Jenny Chappill last Tuesday evening (Western
Australian time). Jenny trained with Pauline Ladiges at the University of
Melbourne, Australia, before undertaking a postdoc at Harvard and moving to
Western Australia.  Many of you will know her from her time there and at the
University of WA, as well as her multiple visits to Kew and other herbaria.
Most recently, Jenny worked on the systematics of legumes, specially the
Australian genus Jacksonia. She taught at both undergrad and postgrad level
at the University of Western Australia, supervising a series of PhD students
working on groups that included  Malvaceae, Proteaceae, Stylidiaceae &

A funeral service will be held at the crematorium at Karrakatta Cemetery,
Perth, Western Australia, at 2.30 pm on Monday August 14. Jenny's family has
requested that people do not send flowers but instead make a donation to an
organisation for cancer research. Messages for the family may be sent direct
to me (k.lemson at ecu.edu.au).

With respect and regards


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