[Taxacom] Nomenclature vs taxonomy et al.

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Hello Una,

I do not have any citations for you, but really, nomenclature is the
practice of assigning names, whereas taxonomy is (in part) applying
nomenclature within a classification system. Taxonomy is also identifying
what name (nomen) or names are best applied to a given specimen. Hence there
is biological taxonomy, geological taxonomy, soil taxonomy, language
taxonomy, etc. all using different nomenclatures and different taxonomies.
Those of us who describe new biological species use binomial nomenclature,
which is a system of applying two names (each representing different
information) to a species.

I hope this is in someway helpful.


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I am a voting member of ASTM Committee E31 on Healthcare
Informatics.  That committee writes standards documents,
and currently is writing multiple standards in which the
term "nomenclature" is used to mean a variety of things
other than a nomenclature.  Usually, it is used to mean a
taxonomy, classification, or even a controlled vocabulary.
This use of "nomenclature" reflects common (mis)usage in
the medical community.

Can any TAXACOMer recommend reading material (preferably
published) that may help to explain what is a taxonomy and
what is a nomenclature?

Thanks in advance,

        Una Smith
        New Mexico

By the way, the sole purpose of ASTM technical committees
is to write voluntary consensus standards;  the committees
are open to all stakeholders who apply, not by invitation
nor election;  and full participation is possible without
ever attending a meeting.  Development of draft documents
and voting is conducted online, and the ASTM process has a
very strong peer review component.  http://www.astm.org

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