[Taxacom] Authorities for trinomials

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Yes, the binomial Aus bus published last is invalid. It remains a
homonym, however, and placing authority names after the first two words
of a trinomial is commonly done to distinguish WHICH binomial the
infraspecies refers to. 

I assert this is superfluous, because not a nomenclatural but a
taxonomic problem.

Homonyms may not be names (Art. 6.3) but may be conserved (14.9) over
earlier homonyms and thus become a name. Note that Art. 53.1 seems to
contradict 6.3, such that we have illegitimate names that are not names.
Why did I start this thread? Nomenclature is not necessarily logical but
is law-based, and the arguments are twisty-turny . . . 

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The examples were heterotypic.

Aus bus var. bus Smith 1820 and
Aus bus var. bus Jones 1821 are contrived as heterotypic homonyms.

Well, this can not be. Following Art 27.1 (given force by Art 32.1.b)
heterotypic synonyms are not validly published. Thus, they are not names
the sense of the ICBN. There is only one Aus bus var. bus (no author)
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