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Actually, there have been efforts to associate the citation of authority
names with the need to find where the names were published. This has
been squashed, I understand, in favor of giving "credit." Thus, any one
authority may well be someone's work buried in a large publication that
usually listed under another author's (or editor's) name. An authority
is given, as far as the Code is now concerned, not a hint of place of
publication but for a bit of recognition. This is too bad.

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The only reason biologists have included authorships of
names in their publications (as far as I can tell) is to help reduce
ambiguity when confronted with homonyms, and/or as a clue to where to
up the original description.  More and more, electronic data sources are
replacing printed publications as the medium of communication among
biologists.  As such, taxon names will increasingly be tagged with
identifiers, which will (ideally) reduce or eliminate ambiguity
Thus, it seems that issues of electronic data management will begin to
replace issues of conventional practice of formatting names and their
authors -- which is why I think this question/problem cannot be
from the electronic data management realm.


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