[Taxacom] Authorities for trinomials

Paul van Rijckevorsel dipteryx at freeler.nl
Sun Aug 27 13:54:52 CDT 2006

Regarding the response by Richard Pyle there are two points worth making:
* Other than in the zoological Code, names above the rank of family ARE
regulated by the botanical Code, although they are exceptional in two
respects: 1) the principle of priority is not mandatory, and 2) descriptive
(non-typified) names are allowed equally.
* The listing of an authority with a botanical name is to give credit (and
otherwise than was suggested, this always was so, going back to before the
1867 lois de Candolle, as shown by the use of "ex") not primarily to help
find its place of publication. Of course this last point is all the more
important in the case of not-validly published (unavailable) names, when the
name was not made known to the world in a publication (e.g. a herbarium
name).  So the problem of 'invalid names' is not going to be solved by "the
inclusion of authorships in some standardized/conventional way". Hopefully,
GUIDs/LSIDs will go some way to solving this, but I am not expecting
anything much from author citation.

Best, Paul

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