[Taxacom] Authorities for trinomials

Richard Pyle deepreef at bishopmuseum.org
Sun Aug 27 20:35:01 CDT 2006

> Regarding the response by Richard Pyle there are two points 
> worth making:
> * Other than in the zoological Code, names above the rank of 
> family ARE regulated by the botanical Code, although they are 
> exceptional in two
> respects: 1) the principle of priority is not mandatory, and 
> 2) descriptive
> (non-typified) names are allowed equally.

I was not aware of this -- thanks for the correction.  I had thought that
one of my botanical colleagues had told me that the botanical Code (like the
zoological Code) stopped at the rank of family; but evidently I was
misinformed (or, more likely, I misunderstood).

> * The listing of an authority with a botanical name is to 
> give credit (and otherwise than was suggested, this always 
> was so, going back to before the
> 1867 lois de Candolle, as shown by the use of "ex") not 
> primarily to help find its place of publication. 

Yes, this point has already been acknowledged several times during this
thread, and I don't recall anyone suggesting otherwise.  The intention of
the Codes, and the utility of the conventional practice, are not necessarily
the same thing.

> So the problem of 'invalid names' is not 
> going to be solved by "the inclusion of authorships in some 
> standardized/conventional way". 

I am convinced that many problems in taxonomy will never be solved.  But
that's not the point (as I understood it) of the original question.  If I
remember correctly, the original question involved something along the lines
of the inclusion of authorships in some standardized/conventional way
(paraphrasing, of course); and to some extent that is an issue for which we
can turn to the Code(s) for direction (where the Codes provide direction);
but in a broader sense is an issue about effective means of communication
among biologists.  As you have made clear in earlier posts, the question of
conventions for representing authorship of invalid botanical names is not
addressed by the Code, so standard practice and convention may be our best
guides in this case.


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