[Taxacom] biodiversity in ex situ collections

Guido Mathieu guido.mathieu at taxa.be
Mon Aug 28 08:28:22 CDT 2006

Two weeks ago I brought up the issue of the % of vascular plant taxa that might
be present in ex situ collections. Although I got some useful comments
(thanks!), I got not much quantitative data.

Personal estimations reveal that the ex situ biodiversity in the genus Peperomia
is 20-25% of that in the wild (considering accepted taxa and no cultivars). I
would like to compare this with other genera. Are there some botanical garden
curators out there who have a clue of coverage of their reference collections? 

(I'm not crossposting this message to other forums; please feel free to forward
it to your hortulanus if he might be in a better position to answer this
question - thanks).  

Guido Mathieu,
Peperomia Research Group
Department of Biology
Ghent University
K.L. Ledeganckstraat 35,
B-9000 Gent. Belgium

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