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Target 8 of the Global Strategy for Plant Conservation states, in part,
achieving the goal of "60 per cent of threatened plant species in
accessible ex situ collections" by 2010.  In the stakeholder
consultation report for that target there are several estimates that are

Botanic Garden Conservation International estimates 80,000 species in
botanical garden collections.  Depending on what figure
(200,000-400,000) you use for total plant species in the world it comes
to 20-40%.

The Millennium Seed Bank as of Feb. 2006 holds 14,098 species and seeks
to hold 24,000 species by 2010.  Again depending on what figure you use
for the number of species in the world that comes to currently 3.5-7%,
projected to 6-12% by 2010.

FAO estimates 5.5 million accessions in seed banks around the world.
About 15% are wild or weedy species.  Because of duplication and unknown
taxonomy I am not sure how to factor these numbers as percent of plant

I hope this helps.

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