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If I am wrong then fine. I am just giving my impression of what I have
read so far. For example, one paper I read stated that alignment uses
distance measures which to my understanding is not cladistic.

In the sense that parsiomny is the shortest tree then that is a concept
not restricted to cladistics.

None of this means that molecular people have necessarily been wasting
their time. I am not saying that molecular trees cannot be correct, just
that they are not necessarily correct just because they use DNA
sequences, and that morphology is not necessarily wrong when it does not
corroborte molecular trees.

John Grehan

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> > > But for
> > > everybody I know "phenetic" means classifying on the basis of
> > > similarity of taxa, not selecting compatible characters.
> >
> > I agree with this definition. And according to that definition
> > analysis of molecular characters appears to be an analysis of
> > established through overall similarity of base substitutions and
> How ya figure?
> All the molecular cladists I know (myself included) would be very
> surprised to hear that they have been doing phenetics all these years.
> I guess they wasted all that time aligning sequences in order to
> establish homologies.  I think Dave Swofford would also be interested
> hear that parsimony becomes phenetic when run on a molecular matrix.
> Karl
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