[Taxacom] Pasimony and base alignment

Frederick W. Schueler bckcdb at istar.ca
Wed Aug 30 10:49:32 CDT 2006

Richard Zander wrote:

> http://research.amnh.org/scicomp/pdfs/wheeler/Giribet_etal2002b.pdf
>  The author recommends that reanalysis using these slightly
> less reasonable alignments should be done to see if the tree or at least
> a branch arrangement of interest is robust to such changes or not.

* and it would seem that the present case represents a situation where
this could be tried: can one find an alignment procedure for one gene
that makes the Orangutan our sister-group (or construct one by forcing
the Orangutan to be our sister-group), and then what kind of results
will that procedure give for other genes and other taxa? and will that
procedure make any kind of a posteriori sense?

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